Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Finished painting and flocked the Radar Station ready for my foes,the Rangers and Airborne troops  to try and blow in apart at  CANCON,..... that's if they can get passed Sergaent Shultz  and Colonel Klink. šŸ˜‰ 

The FuMG 65 Wurzburg-Riese

Once the glue had set I coated it with a black Primer and allowed 24 hours to dry before starting to paint it.

Added gloss vanish to the glass window

Tried to mimic concrete on the hex base.  

Access to the interior via removal of the roof.

Cheers John 

Sunday, 14 January 2018


Another project for Cancon 2018, a Radar station.
 I was asked to construct a Radar station by the TO of Cancon. 
I wanted some inspiration for this  project and remembered Richard's radar station on  on Toofatlardies 
The first image on Richard's blog was that of a radar station in France, a relic from the war still intact. I decided that I would model my radar station on that, using 3 mm MDF. 
I started this project a little while ago and tonight put together the final touches ready for the painting stage.

Almost finished 

The planning stage: 
I use the height of the door in the image, as a reference  for estimating the measurements of the different components of the radar station.
I retrieved lots of images from different angles of the radar station on the web .

Start cutting the MDF 

The start of putting the different components together.

The construction of the radar disc was a challenge, I gave up trying to make one up from MDF ans started thinking "outside the box" and visited the local 2 dollar store and purchase this utensil.

Cut the handle off and it was the perfect size for the radar disc.

I fasten the metal to the MDF using wire.

This is the bottom of a plastic container, I cut of the base.

and with the use of a hobby knife and a Dremel type hand motor I trimmed it.

Cut out the middle and glued it into the inner portion of the disk.

I made the base with a number of MDF hexs and glued and screwed it in place.

Used styrene strips for some of the details 

the rail is  wire found in my garage,bend into shape and glued in postion

back view

image showing where I positioned the trimmed plastic container base.

Before placing the plastic trim ,I sprayed the inner surface of the disk with spray adhesive and  lined  it with a white fine polyester fabric. (used to decorate bombardier with).  

 I also used bits from infantry plastic sprues for the bolts on top of the hex.

cheers John 

Friday, 12 January 2018


Finally finished my Late War German Infantry ready for 3 days of gaming, Chain of Command at  CANCON 2018 this January. 
(for those of you who are not familiar with CANCON, its a huge gaming event held in Canberra, Australia)

I started this project early last year and was constantly delayed finishing it by other projects, so the paint work on the figures differs  in quality from the earlier to the later painted figures.

I think, next time, I tackle painting another army, it would be wiser to start and finish it without being interrupted by other projects.  

These figures are 28 mm plastics  from Warlord games, I used mainly the plastic German Grenadiers (which I was happy with), I also had a pack of German Infantry (the ones that were first released, which I was not so happy with ).

A German section clearing a village.

3 Junior Leaders based on square bases, I crafted the SMG straps from green stuff.

Another 2 x Junior Leaders, In total I made 5 x Junior Leaders, 3 for the Platoon and for Support Options 1 x Junior Leader for another section and one for the Recon Team in a SdKfz 250.

2 x Senior Leaders based on Hex bases, again SMG straps added using Green stuff.

The rest of the infantry are based on circular bases.
I performed a bit of plastic surgery on the arms of the gunners  to  accommodate them firing from the hip. 

Plastic ammo belts were also added .

Another 3 x LMG gunners, I added some guns straps for a bit of variation.

A couple of the gunners have the ammo belt running over their arm.

A LMG team.

Ammo bearers for the LMG 

A Horde of ammo bearers.


Riflemen throwing grenades

riflemen in camo

Riflemen in camo helmet

More riflemen in camo

German Hordes ready for battle, at CANCON 2018

"Fur das Vaterland"

cheers John