Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Part 2

Just completed etching and adding detail to the MDF buildings. The past couple of months I have been kept busy building Terrain for CACON 2017, and squeezing in a couple of games each fortnight.

To cope with this project I needed to expanded  my workbench from inside the house to the small store room and now into the garage proper converting the table tennis table into a workbench. 
On the go are Terrain mats,High stone walls, low stone walls, dirt roads,sealed roads, river/stream,crop and ploughed fields,experimenting with maintained hedges, rural hedges and of course the buildings. Also want to give a shout out to Pat's blog http://wargamingwithsilverwhistle.blogspot.com.au/which has been a great source of inspiration.

This is where I  started the process of etching and adding the detail to the buildings. 

The Chateau 

Before Detail 
After Detail added

Front view of Chateau showing a driveway,entrance,exit point for vehicles and side raised garden beds.

Side view

Back view showing 2 triangular garden beds 

another view of the back, the shutters where constructed from  sytrene plastic sheets.

the square base is the foundations  for a future fountain.

Carved the fountain spout from a wood rod.

Sectioned the fountain spout

Prepared 2 sheets of perspex, each component needs to be painted before assembling 


Before detail

After detail added

Front view 

Side view of attached tool shed

Back view

figure placed for scale

Side view of attached Barn

Used polyfiller for edges of building and added some pebbles


Before detail

After detail added, I decided that the church needed some battle damaged 

Measuring up to construct a base

Outline drawn 

cobblestone and drain etched into base

constructed a low wall and glued in place along with the church building

Doors carved and tomb stones ready to be carved.

Tomb stones

Front view 

Side and rear view with a figure for scale

Rear view of church with tomb stones in place


before detail

after detail 
second building before etching
with detail
side view building 1

side view building 2

rear view building 1

rear view building 2


before detail
front view of 1st stable
front view of battle damaged 2nd stable

side view 1st stable

Rear view


1st building Before detail
After detail added

Models glued on base
Added  wood fire storage

Also added a tool shed and small vegetable patch

Side view
Second building before detail
Detail added,front view with battle damage

side view with extension added

Added some flower beds and a small hay box


No detail
No detail
After shot with detail added carved a wheel barrow and a broken wooden ladder to spice up the barns. 
Both barns have some battle damage, one with a hole blast the other with some door and roof damage. 


Before detail
After detail added, the third building I attached to one of the single story buildings. 
Side view

Rear view


I decided to build 2 large free standing barns the first based on this for sale in France.

First large barn without roof

Front view with a cart wheel and wheel barrow carved from MDF added for points of interest.

Back view

Side view
This is the imagine I loosely based for the construction of the second large barn 
Start of etching side wall of second large barn
detail etched on front of barn wall

Completed 2nd barn with small water trough added.


Before detail
detail added

Initially all the terrace house were too narrow and I subsequently extended the length and added a back yard. 

The 4 WC s were added to each terrace home. 


Before shot
After shot

Side view showing the clear line running down the building where  the extension was made. 

The walls and roof of the WC has been blown away but that has not stopped the troops from using it , someone forgot their toilet paper.


before shot
after shot

That's it for now, onto Part 3 painting .