Wednesday, 3 May 2017




After using many different markers to track Shock, I have decided to stick with these Shock markers I have made.

Section suffering Shock, 1 point of  Shock for the Bren team and 2 points of Shock for the Rifle team.

First step in constructing the Shock markers is to purchase some cheap red beads from the 2 dollar shop.
Scrounge around the garage and locate some nails with larger heads. Cut off the nail head leaving a small section of the shaft intact.
(thin metal sheet cut in circular shape to fit the tops of the beads maybe substituted for the nails)

Next step, glue the nail heads to both the bottom and top of the bead using super glue, once the glue has dried, prime with a suitable undercoat and paint the nail head with hard wearing red paint.

Final step, is the  construction of the base.
I use  warlord games figure bases and super glue in place 3 x magnets (10mm x 1mm) per base purchased at . Super glue another base on-top of the magnets, superglue one Shock marker in place, flock with fine flock, and allow to dry.  
The last image shows an additional 6 Shock markers that are held in place by the magnetic base along with the one that is superglue in the middle.



Instead of using 2 markers to indicate a unit PINNED or BROKEN status I decided to combine the two into one, reducing the need for 2 separate markers.

To construct the markers I used A4 size sheet of Black Perspex, using a AUD dollar coin I mark out 6 circles.

The same is done on the Yellow Perspex.

Using a dremel type hand motor roughly cut out the shape.

Notice the shapes are not perfect circles. At this stage lightly sand only one side of both the Yellow and Black Perspex (this is done to increase the bonding of the 2 perspex pieces.

Superglue them together.

Roughly outline a star shape onto the paper covering the perspex.

Using the Dremel type hand motor with a cutting disc, carefully follow the outlines and cut off the unwanted perspex to reveal the star shape. 

Etch the words Pinned and Broken into the perspex again using the hand motor and a fine rose head bur.(or you can leave them as is allowing the colours to indicate the units BROKEN/PINNED status )

Using Vallejo Model colour 70847 Dark Sand paint over the wording, leave for a couple of seconds then wipe off with your finger, which will remove the excess paint leaving the paint in the etching.

Follow the above step but with this side of the marker I used Leadbleacher from Citadel.

completed markers


  1. Being lazy, I would paint circular bases in my table ground color then glue the explosion shaped markers(printed on red and yellow paper) to them. In fact that's what I think I will do - thanks for the idea.
    DIck Bryant

    1. Good to hear you have been inspired Dick
      cheers John